ADVICE – How Do I Find Happiness With All the Gloom – What Should I Do?

Categories: Advice | Posted on Feb 14, 2017

It is definitely a challenging time we live in with all of the political craziness and other “gloomy” events that are happening within society… terrorism etc. Rather than focus on these events outside of our control, I suggest we focus on what we can control. Happiness comes from within. What are the things you want to work on. Start with Gratitude… What are your grateful for? Are you grateful to be alive? Are you grateful for food on your table? What are the good things happening in your life? Don’t “Expect anything from Anyone, but Accept what they can give you with a gracious and open heart.” Accept people who they are and what they can give you, and you in turn can only give what you can give. Don’t be gloomy or a bummer around other people… start with yourself. You be Peaceful. You be Loving. Work on your own relationships and things will get better. Work on Love, Happiness and Peace together which will then become a “movement.”

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